Taking a Leap

Successful people start before they’re ready. — Source Unknown

I basically took a flying leap into the unknown when I compiled this site and began hanging and showing my artwork. I am proud to say I am exhibiting in the Fall 2014 BWAC show (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.) This is my second show with BWAC. Once again, it has been extremely challenging because I am learning as I go. Hanging my work has been particularly daunting, but I vow to keep trying until it becomes second nature.

Because of the demands on my time, I broke every single step down to small goals. I also scheduled small blocks of time for myself so I could achieve each goal. By doing so, I managed to create 5 new Eco Mandalas (one will be in the fundraising auction) to accompany my artist book (Prospect Park Illuminated.)

For inspiration on how other creatives have managed to produce their work despite demands on their time, I highly recommend Mason Currey’s delightful book called “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.”

I also recommend rewarding yourself with small treats every time you achieve even the smallest goal. Taking a walk, for instance, or treating yourself to a movie. I have found I respond very well to little carrots on a stick at the end of each work session. Most importantly, however, if you are holding yourself back from pursuing your dream because you aren’t ready, then take a page from my book and start before you are ready! Happy creating!

(All images and text © Victoria Beerman unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.)


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