Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done.
It is an excuse for not claiming your true priorities.  — Alan Cohen, author

I did it. I finished 6 works for the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) show for Spring 2014 (one of the pieces is not shown in this photo because it will be hung in the silent auction section.)

With so many other demands on my time, I managed to not only create the work for the show, but I also learned how to frame and wire the work for hanging. I learned how to hang it myself. (Figuring out how to display my book art was a challenge, but a cheap lightweight Ikea shelf was the answer!) I even helped sand and paint gallery walls to prep for the show, and while doing so met a lot of wonderful fellow artists.

Huge learning curve. Tremendous pride in accomplishing my goal.
I did it in baby steps and they all added up. So if I can do it, you can too!

(All images and text © Victoria Beerman unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.)

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